Thursday, March 22, 2012

Cute Camera Bags

With my new lenses and my need to have them in arms reach at all times, I have decided to search for a cute camera bag that will also be super Austin-chic and here are my favorite finds!

1. Emera's Classic Canvas Tote - $169 (free shipping!)

2. THEIT Bag  - $159

3. Epiphanie LOLA Bag - $164.99 

(I like the red)

4. ONA - The Venice - $329

(my absolute favorite!)


Also, this is the Brooklyn ($309), made by the same company and just as amazing!

Hmm, maybe after I land a couple more gigs will I think about that beautiful leather bag, until then I will just try to keep the drool off my keyboard!


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Moonrise Kingdom

I am super excited about this new Wes Anderson film coming out this year!

If you haven't seen the preview already, check it out!

Look out for it in theaters!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

SXSW Music and Movies (Mon. & Tues.)

So SXSW has descended upon the lovely city of Austin and turned it into a flooded metropolis exploding with culture, debauchery, and crazy adventures.

Monday a friend and I explored Club DeVille and Mohawk downtown and caught some wonderful shows!

Orthy live at Club Deville, they are also a stellar DJ band that goes by Learning Secrets.

Japandroids live at MOHAWK

They apparently has just flown in from Brazil and went absolutely insane on stage!

Cool Keith!



I was able to see 8 wonderful short films:

Another Bullet Dodged
Directed by Landon Zakheim
The Chair
Directed by Grainger David
A Fábrica
Directed by Aly Muritiba
( one of my top favorites!)

Directed by Colm Quinn
Directed by Adam Garnet Jones
Little Dad
Directed by Noah Pritzker
Not Far From The Abattoir
Directed by Kyle Thomas
Directed by  The Golden Filter & Kristoffer Borgli
(My favorite!)


Definately a favorite documentary.  It is about a woman who coordinates a dance using the people and machinery of Garbage men and women.  Check out more here.  And watch the teaser here!


I was very pleasantly surprised by this wonderful flick! I would say it is definately worth checking out when it hits theaters!

So far SXSW has been wondful, tiring, fun.  Ill catch you up on our studio party (2326 Cesar Chavez from Noon- 10pm Friday and Saturday) after the weekend!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New Mexico Road Trip

A good friend of mine is a dog trainer and we journeyed over the weekend to New Mexico to buy two new Dutch Shepherd pups.

Cutest road trip I have ever taken.

We happened upon a wonderful town called Capital with funny kitchy shops and the Smokey the Bear Museum!

"The Golden Smokey Award"

Turns out that was the birth place and final resting place of Smokey the Bear, who in fact, was a real bear!

My wonderful friend with his new puppies!

Sweet bonding moment between the new pup and her older brother.

All in all a fantastic trip! To find out more info on Smokey you can visit this website!